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Rent Romus' Life Blood Ensemble @ Berkeley Arts

HSP2016 is a celebration of Post-Beefheart Music to benefit some very worthy causes : Earthjustice, Homeless Action Center, Bayarea Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

This is the new and experimental music comunity coming together to celebrate the creative fire of Post-Beefheart era music projects.

This year we will include some projects which look at the influence of Ornette Coleman on Beefheart's Music and both of their influences on the No Wave movement...Informative, unconventional enjoyable sounds..

we have 24 + acts represented this year...including:
Tri-Cornered Tent Show
Ze Bib!
Vacuum Tree Head
Biggi Vinkeloe
Owen Maercks/Henry Kaiser Duo
Crow Crash Radio
Joshua Allen
Pachuco Cadaver
Hay Fever
Feral Luggage/Cartoon Justice
New False Gods
Life's Blood Ensemble
Jakob Pek Project
Ross Hammond
Eric Glick Riemann
Ron Heglen and Katt Atchley Duo
Ear Spray
Bridge of Crows w/guests
Troi Chapeaux
Bill Noertker/Mark Oi duo
T.D. Skatchit & Guest

2133 University Ave, Berkeley, California 94704