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Secret Chiefs 3 w/ Neil Hamburger @ Roxie, SF

Even detractors of Rick Alverson’s latest oddity can’t deny its unflinching originality. Following a despondent, aging comedian (played by Gregg Turkington in much the same guise as stand-up comedian Neil Hamburger) as he tours the Mojave desert, ENTERTAINMENT is an uniquely uncompromising cinematic experience. As the lead character, Turkington brilliantly encapsulates a fractured man fixated on titanic Hollywood dreams that have yet to materialize. In search of happiness and his estranged daughter, our protagonist ambles through a series of novelty tourist attractions, third-rate venues, and volatile encounters.

Most importantly, the film is unlike any you’ve experienced before, or probably will again.

For two nights only we’ll be hosting a screening of ENTERTAINMENT, which will be promptly followed by a live stand-up act from Neil Hamburger and music from San Francisco natives Secret Chiefs 3.

3117 16th Street, between Valencia and Guerrero