Brain child of drummer/composer Jordan Glenn, Wiener Kids is Oakland's premier bizarro saxophones/drums trio.
Formed in 2007, with help from reed masters Aram Shelton and Cory Wright, Wiener Kids continues to straddle the line between the profound and whimsical.

In recent history the instrumental palette has expanded from drums and saxophones to include vibraphone, marimba, bells, small percussion, tin cans, gongs and bundt pans.  The music is inspired by small dogs, old bikes, muppets, cheap Halloween decorations, babies with glasses and other wiener kids. It's fast and slow, loud and soft. It draws as much from Jan Svankmajer and Hans Bellmer as Peewee Herman and Jim Hensen.  Music made by ex/current weaklings for everyone!

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Formed in 2011, The Wiener Kids Family Band performs classics from the Wiener Kids book, specially arranged for the unique 10 piece ensemble.  The group features some of WKs closest friends from the bands Jack O' The Clock, Beep!, Kapowski, and Grex, all under the curious baton of Jordan Glenn.
Performers have included: Emily Packard, Christina Stanley- violin, Kate McLoughlin- bassoon, Rob Ewing- trombone, Aram Shelton- alto sax, Cory Wright- clarinet, Aaron Bennett- soprano, Damon Waitkus- banjo, Karl Evangelista- guitar, Michael Coleman, Dominique Leone- keyboards, Kevin Thaxton- bass, Sam Ospovat, Jon Arkin- drums. 

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Mindless Thing is a collaboration between drummer/composer Jordan Glenn and saxophonist/band leader/poet/artist/sage Jim Ryan. The music, composed and conducted by Glenn, takes malleable material and filters it through a unique ensemble of strings and percussion. The result is used to create a backdrop for Ryan's surreal and haunting poetry.  Band members include: Karl Evangelista- electric guitar, Robert Lopez- vibraphone/percussion, Damon Waitkus- hammered dulcimer, Michael Coleman- piano/percussion, Jim Ryan- poetry/flute, JG- conductor, percussion.

Mindless Thing, the record is now out on Edgetone Records and can be found HERE.

photo by Carly McLane

photo by Carly McLane


Jordan Glenn's BEAK (est. 2014) is a percussion heavy ensemble that blurs the line between dynamic/energetic grooves and chaos. The power of this electric ensemble is wheeled by Jordan Glenn’s curious baton, moving in and out of composed and spontaneous material. Members/participants have included Will Northlich-Redmond, Karl Evangelista, Robert Woods-LaDue, Robert Lopez, Mark Clifford, Max Judelson, Jason Hoopes, Geneva Harrison, Jon Arkin, Tim DeCillis, Crystal Pascucci, Adam Hirsch, Cory Wright, Theo Padouvas, Kevin Robinson, Lisa Mezzacappa, Nava Dunkelman, Rei Scampavia, Evelyn Davis, Joel Nelson, Brett Carson and Logan Hone.

You can hear a live record HERE.  Brought to you by Minus Zero, a musicians' collective for human rights and social justice. 100% of the money received (after Bandcamp takes its cut ) is donated to Planned Parenthood.

AND on the new Oakland based label, Geomancy Records, Jordan Glenn- BEAK. Recorded in May of 2017 by J Carlos Arredondo in Emeryville, CA, mixed by Michael Coleman at Figure 8 in Brooklyn, NY and mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha, Oakland, CA.


Karl A.D. Evangelista - guitar 
Will Northlich-Redmond - guitar/kalimba 
Mark Clifford - vibraphone/marimba 
Max Judelson - acoustic bass 
Robert Woods-LaDue - percussion 
Robert Lopez - percussion 
Geneva Harrison - drums

Photo by Amanda Bailey

Photo by Amanda Bailey