"...Glenn's work stands out, with the grace of an acrobat and the control of a serial killer..."

photo by Heike Liss

photo by Heike Liss

-Nazim Comunale


selected recording appearances…

Aaron Novik, The Fallow Curves of the Planospheres, 2019

Roscoe Mitchell Orchestra, Littlefield Concert Hall Mills College, 2019, Wide Hive Records

Fred Frith Live at The Stone, All Is Always Now, 2019, Intakt Records

Fred Frith Trio, Closer to the Ground, 2018, Intakt Records

Jack O’ The Clock, Repetitions of the Old City - II, 2018

Aaron Novik, Frowny Frown, 2018

Roscoe Mitchell, Discussions, 2017, Wide Hive Records

Lisa Mezzacappa, Glorious Ravage, 2017, New Word Records

Lisa Mezzacappa, avantNOIR, 2017 Clean Feed Records

Two Aerials, Moonphase EP, 2017

Kyle Bruckmann’s Degradients, Dear Everyone, 2017, Not Two Records

Fred Frith Trio, Another Day In Fucking Paradise, 2016, Intakt Records

ROVA orkestrova, No Favorites! (for Lawrence “Butch” Morris), 2016, New World Records

Andrew Conklin, Lands Beyond, 2016

Melody Parker, Archipelago, 2016

Jack O’ The Clock, Repetitions of the Old City - I, 2016

Jack O’ The Clock, Outsider Songs, 2015

Dominique Leone, San Francisco, 2015

Michael Coleman, Enjoyer, 2015

Religious Phase, How The Earth Began, 2015

Religious Phase, Weekend Getaway, 2014

Jack O’ The Clock, Night Loops, 2014

The Sea The Sea, Love We Are Love, produced by Todd Sickafoose, 2014

Cory Wright, Apples + Oranges, 2013, Singlespeed Music

Jack O’ The Clock, All My Friends, 2013

Karl Evangelista/GREX, Taglish, 2013

Michael Coleman’s Cavity Fang, Urban Problems, 2013, Table & Chairs

Andrew Conklin, How Speaker, 2012

Arts & Sciences (Michael Coleman, Jacob Zimmerman, Matt Nelson, JG), New You, 2012, Singlespeed Music

Arts & Sciences (Michael Coleman, Jacob Zimmerman, Matt Nelson, JG), Arrowd, 2011

Dominique Leone, Les Noces, 2011

tUnE-yArDs, WHO KILL, 2011, 4AD

Karl Evangelista/GREX, Second Marriage EP, 2011

Jack O’ The Clock, How Are We Doing And Who Will Tell Us?, 2011

EFFT (Sarah Elena Palmer, Noah Phillips), Faraway Battery, 2011

EFFT (Sarah Elena Palmer, Noah Phillips), Nothingdark, 2010

Jack O’ The Clock, Rare Weather, 2009

Aram Shelton, Flockterkit, 2008, Singlespeed Music


JG lead...

BEAK, 2018, Geomancy Records

BEAK LIVE, 2017, Minus Zero

Mindless Thing, 2017, Edgetone Records

Wiener Kids, What A Mess, 2011, self release

Host Family, Dream Recess, 2010, self release

Wiener Kids, Why Don’t You Make Me?, 2009, self release

Wiener Kids, The Steini Year, 2007, self release


Contact: drummerjordanglenn {at} gmail {dot} com