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Ice Hours: Video + Performance @ The Exploratorium, SF

NOTE: admission to this event provides full access to The Exploratorium After Dark.

ICE HOURS is a collaboration between photographer Camille Seaman, film artist Kim Miskowicz and composer/musicians Kristina Dutton and Nathan Clevenger. It is a multimedia concert event featuring footage of stunning Antarctic landscapes and the surrounding ocean. It is crafted from over a decade of video footage, documenting inspiring and endangered features of our changing planet.

Offering a glimpse into the overwhelming majesty of the natural world, the piece reflects on nature’s fragility, and presents a cathartic lens as an acknowledgement that we, in our inevitable turn, are faced with such fragility as well. At its core, ICE HOURS illustrates the inextricable connection and interdependence of humans and the natural environment.

ICE HOURS is presented as part of The Exploratorium After Dark: STEAM-Y Stories. Find more information about the screening here:

The Exploratorium- Pier 15 Embarcadero at Green St, San Francisco, California 94111