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Reflection•Refraction• and Interference @ The Uptown, Oakland

THE UPTOWN- 1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, California 94612

225 days ago, I was faced with the possibility of loosing my ability to build, to draw, to sculpt, and to play music. 
In that brief moment of absolute despair, I resolved to physically manifest every idea and concept that I had. 
These films, these instruments, and this evening are my first attempt at realizing this resolution.
Please join us for the premiere screening of:

The Laminated Man- Robert Lopez, Sung Kim

A Bit of Maintenance Goes a Long Way- Jungle Junk( Sandy Sleeper)

Intermission- Charm and Strange

The Laminated Man 2-Kanoko Nishi-Smith, Gabby Fluke Mogul

Waterfowl and Carp-Andrew Scott Duncan

Intermission- Charm and Strange

Dotanuki- Jungle Junk (Sandy Sleeper)

Round Shot and Feather- Jordan Glenn

Intermission- Charm and Strange

The Banquet- Gabby Fluke Mogul, Kanoko Nishi Smith

Initial Interaction with Reactive Plasticine-Robert Lopez, Jordan Glenn, and Sung Kim

$8.00 advance tickets $10 at the door