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Ned Rothenberg's Beyond C @ Z Space, SF

The Paul Dresher Electro-Acoustic Band
in concert with The Living Earth Show

January 26 & 27, 8 PM | Z Space Main Stage (450 Florida St. San Francisco)

In this concert, The Paul Dresher Electro-Acoustic Band premieres Ned Rothenberg's improvised concerto Beyond C, an Ensemble commission inspired by Terry Riley’s In C. Beyond C features ­Rothenberg as improvising woodwind soloist and Joel Davel as conductor. The Living Earth Show will premier selections from Dennis Aman’s 24 Preludes & Fugues for invented instruments (created during Aman’s 2016 Dresher Ensemble Artists Residency).

”I have always enjoyed Terry Riley’s milestone work In C in its many performance versions, no two of which are ever alike. However, along with many of my improvising colleagues, I’ve always had the urge to ‘play over the top of it.'  My new work Beyond C does just that. Beyond C creates a strong sense of community among its performers, demonstrating, in this time of frightening, ignorant tribalism, how uniting people (musicians) across idiomatic and stylistic divides can be a positive force.”
—Ned Rothenberg