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William Winant Percussion Group @ Mills College, Oakland

The William Winant Percussion Group premieres new works composed for them on a program including improvised music by blood moon.



blood moon:
02.06.16. a, b, c

Nava Dunkelman and Robert Lopez:
Calder Hannan – Orchid Drift Gaps (2015)
Kristina Warren – Choose (2014)
Rachel Devorah Trapp – overmorrow : no attack in progress (2015)

William Winant Percussion Group:
Matthew Burtner – The Speed of Sound in an Ice Rain (2015)
Christopher Luna – Vortex (2015)
Sophia Shen – Rite of the Elves (2015)

Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College- 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland, California 94613