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Tobin Summerfield's Never Enough Hope @ Starline Social Club, Oakland

Never Enough Hope mostly-California edition! Last time we hoped in the bay it was 2008! New record, new year!
Doors at 8, NEH 1st set at 9, Gojogo at 10, 2nd set at 11.
dj sets (before, between, after) by Kalx's The Native Disinformant
Visual installation by Rumi Koshino and Terri Loewenthal

Full California lineup:
Sara Jo Zaharako, Kristina Dutton- Violins
Amy Cimini, Dina Maccabee-Violas
Jules Ryan-Cello
Darren Johnston, Theo Padouvas- Trumpets
Rob Ewing-Trombone
Aram Shelton-Alto Sax
Julie Strand-Clarinet
AJ Kluth, Cory Wright-Tenor Sax
Charles Gurke, Patrick Cress-Bari Sax
Patty Farrell-Accordion
Danny Cantrell-Keys
Tim Tacket Brown, Robert Lopez-Vibraphones
Josh Tillinghast, Roger Reidlbauer, Owen Stuart-Robertson-Guitars
Eric Perney-Bass
Tim Strand, Andrew Kitchen, Jordan Glenn-Drums

2236 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, California 94612