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Lisa Mezzacapp's Glorious Ravage @ REDCAT, LA CA

Angel City Arts and The Jazz Bakery present


Lisa Mezzacappa – acoustic bass, conductor
Fay Victor – voice
Nicole Mitchell – flute
Kyle Bruckmann – oboe
Vinny Golia – woodwinds
Cory Wright – woodwinds
Darren Johnston – trumpet
Michael Dessen – trombone
Dina Maccabee – viola/violin
John Finkbeiner – electric guitar
Mark Dresser – acoustic bass
Myra Melford – piano and harmonium
Kjell Nordeson – vibraphone/percussion
Tim Perkis – electronics
Jordan Glenn – drum set/percussion

Walt Disney Concert Hall Complex,
631 W. 2nd St. Los Angeles, CA 90012


Glorious Ravage is a panoramic free jazz song cycle by San Francisco Bay Area bassist and composer Lisa Mezzacappa, that features a large ensemble of stellar California improvisers performing new music in dialogue with films created by Bay Area moving image artists Janis Crystal Lipzin, Kathleen Quillian, Alfonso Alvarez and Konrad Steiner. The program takes as its inspiration the adventures and writings of lady explorers of the 19th century who trekked to the wildest parts of the earth, to escape, to discover, and to lose themselves.



Mark Dresser – bass
Michael Dessen – trombone
Michael White – piano
Nicole Mitchell – flute
Kjell Nordeson – drums/percussions

The act of playing the bass is home. It is the primal and primary vehicle of my musical identity. After several solo recordings that explore the musical investigation of extended techniques and electro-acoustic performance through structured improvisation and composition, my latest quintet music has a somewhat different agenda. The quintet music is centered around a personal approach to the jazz tradition and song form: beauty of melody, counterpoint and harmony, swing, rhythmic invention and cyclical form. In addition I seek to integrate timbre sculpting, metric modulation, free meter and gradience, i.e. the blurring of boundaries between pitch and noise, meter and texture, form and feeling. Above all is the collaborative and improvisational power of the band that ultimately shapes the music.