Sun, Aug 25, 8pm- Trio with Fred Frith and Shelley Hirsch @ Berkeley Arts Fesitival,  Berkeley CA

Wed, Aug 28, 8pm and 10pm-  Fred Frith Trio (FF, Jason Hoopes, JG) @ The Stone, NYC

Thurs, Sept 5, 9pm- Jack O' The Clock @ 19 Broadway Bar & Nightclub, Fairfax CA

Fri, Sept 7, 9pm- Jack O' The Clock @ Viracocha, SF CA

Mon, Sept 9, 8pm- John Shiurba's 5X5+4=9/9 @ Berkeley Arts Festival, Berkeley CA

Thurs, Sept 12, 9pm- Jessica Lurie's Megaphone Heart Band (JL, Beth Custer, Todd Sickafoose, Michael Coleman, JG) @ Duende, Oakland CA

Thurs, Sept 19, 8pm- Fred Frith's Gravity with Aaron Novik's Thorny Brocky @ Roulette, NYC

Thurs, Sept 20, 8pm- Fred Frith's Gravity with Dominique Leone Band @ Roulette, NYC

Fri, Sept 27, 9pm- The Oakland Active Orchestra @ Duende, Oakland CA

Sat, Oct 5, 8pm- Duo with Ben Goldberg @ The Crane House (The Crane House is located 2 blocks from Ashby BART. For address/directions email In order to preserve the dance floor we ask that you leave your shoes at the door.) 

Mon, Oct 7, 8:30pm- Aaron Novik's Cosimo Lissy (AN, Kasey Knudsen, Mark Clifford, Doug Stuart, JG) @ The Make-Out Room, SF CA

Fri, Oct 18, 8pm- Lamb Council (Zeina Nasr, Michael Coleman, Jason Hoopes, JG) NEW GROUP! @ The Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut , Oakland CA

Wed, Oct 23, 9:30- Dominique Leone, Grex, and Fred Frith @ The Knockout, SF CA

Fri, Oct 25, TBD- Karl Evangelista's Taglish